Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beer Brewing

Neal and I have started brewing our own beer! If you've ever visited my Instagram or spent more than 5 minutes talking to me you've probably realized that I've developed a real passion for beer in the last couple of years. This passion has lead to Neal and I getting all of the proper equipment to start brewing our own beers, and we've got some great recipes planned for down the line. August 11th we get to bottle our first batch, which is an American Wheat. We wanted something basic to start with, to make sure we've got all of our procedures nailed down. Two weeks after the 11th the bottles should be properly conditioned and we can start drinking them. Next up we're doing a Rye Stout and an Espresso Rye Stout. Can't wait. I only have the one picture so far... it takes a lot of time making sure everything is cleaned and sanitized properly, so my hands were pretty full on our brew day. But I hope to get some more pictures soon.

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