Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A lot of photographers have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. On one hand, you have an instant photo sharing surface, with a bunch of pre-fab filters designed to mimic popular photographic styles.

I, for one, have come to embrace Instagram. Oh, sure, I started off not really appreciating it. I suddenly had people coming up to me in my gallery and accusing me of using filters on images that had been meticulously planned and photographed with analogue equipment, which proved to be a bit annoying.


That being said, I think that Instagram has inadvertently taught a new generation of kids how to compose images. Which is amazing. Gone are the random cell phone pictures with no thought as to aesthetics. Suddenly we have people who have never worried about truly framing an image pay attention to how lines play through their image. They're forced in to a square, which crops out a good portion of their image. Now they have to find a way to best show what they want to share.

Sunflowers. #photodiary

Sunset from my apartment.

Freezing rain this morning.


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